Holiday Photo Gallery

bella’s Birthday Photos

Strangely enough, there are no photos of bella (that’s right, the lowercase “b” is intentional) in this series…

Christmas Day Evening Photos

Christmas: it’s not just for goyim anymore.

  • Photo 1: Me, Josh, Adina and Paul at my house.
  • Photo 2: Paul and Josh at the Thai Restaurant. Paul’s gotten into the Japanese habit of flashing the “Peace” sign in photos. Could it be Yuki’s and Makiko’s influence? Naaah…
  • Photo 3: Adina and me.
  • Photo 4: Adina solo.
  • Photo 5: Adina and me, waving our hands for some artsy photo effect.
  • Photo 6: Adina and me, again.
  • Photo 7: Visiting Adam Smith’s place. His birthday is on Christmas, so I always give him two presents on December 25th.

New Year’s Eve Photos

Kickin’ in 2G2, old school!

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