Life Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

The Toronto Transit Civility Commission’s Etiquette Poster Campaign

The folks at Posted Toronto, the National Post’s Toronto-centric blog, have come up with a clever idea: The TTCC – the Toronto Transit Civility Commission. Their mission is to remind people who use the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission, Accordion City’s public transit system, comprising the subway, light rail, buses and streetcars) that etiquette isn’t just for fancy dinner parties, but for everyday living, which includes riding public transit.

They’ve created a series of posters that provide riders with gentle reminders that good manners make for a good experience for their fellow transit riders. Better still, these posters are beautifully done, with far more design sensibility than anything the TTC has produced in this transit user’s vast memory.

Here are the posters – you can click on any of them to download a full-resolution, printable version:

TTCC Poster: Hand using nail clippers with caption "Seriously?"

TTCC Poster: "Whoa whoa whoa stop the presses - breaking news! Backpacks aren't actually people! It's true! Science has proven it! So, the next time you're on transit and people need a seat, move your inhuman bag. Seriously."

TTCC Poster: "We're crammed in like sardines, but there's no reason you have to smell like them too. Please, please think of our noses before getting on. Please."

TTCC Poster: Ticket - "Admit one - today: neverending drum and bass track blaring through headphones, with opening acts 'Woman talking loudly on a cellphone about her friend's abortion' and 'Guy on a handsfree yelling at his assistant'. Remember, your phone does not create a magical bubble around you where no one else can hear your conversation. And those headphones of yours playing Insane Clown Posse are also not magical bubbles."