Spaghetti Dogs: The Cheap and Cheerful Treat

The recipe shown on this website is simple and inexpensive: insert dry spaghetti into hot dogs and boil until the pasta’s done:

Hot dogs slices with spaghetti noodles coming out of them

The author of the original post speaks Russian, but posted this note for English readers:

i collect in this lj blog photos and links to this new form of food art, we tentatively call "hot dogs strikes back". it is primarily made by inserting dried spaghetti into the hot dogs and then boiling the resulting concoctions. it is fun to make and fun to eat for the whole family and the variations seem endless. if you do engage into experimenting with different forms of this "art", please take photos and drop me a link. i will post it here, so we can keep the project alive.

You can go “upmarket” by using fancier noodles, such as those made with spinach or squid ink:


I just might have to try this out for lunch next week. I’ll bet I can do something interesting with dry noodles and cooked meatballs.