Okay, I’m Convinced: A Believable Non-Porn Use for “Porn Mode”

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.

I’ve always laughed at how the guys on the Internet Explorer 8 team bent over backwards trying to come up with non-porn-surfing uses for “InPrivate Browsing”, which I often refer to as “Porn Mode”. Somehow the examples they use, however practical and legitimate they are, fail to convince:

  • “I want to buy a present for my wife from an online store and want to keep it a surprise.”
  • “I want to check my account balance from an internet cafe while I’m on holiday.”

But this Post Secret postcard shows a believable use case for “Porn Mode” on browsers: 

"Post Secret" postcard made of the Google home page, showing a search for "signs of teen autism": "The least you could have done is erase the history. Now I know what you really think of me, Dad."