Bright Lights, Big Macs

The map below shows AggData’s map of the continental United States visualizing distances to the nearest McDonald’s. The closer a place is to a McDonald’s, the more brightly it is illuminated. Click the map to see it at a larger size:

Map: The Contiguous United States Visualized by Distance to the Nearest McDonald's

Life Work

The Road to Success

I saw the illustrated map titled The Road to Success on the Strange Maps site and thought that there can’t be a more appropriate day than today, the first day of school, to post it. Enjoy!

"The Road to Success" - an illustration made in 1913 showing the obstacles to success as a landscape map.
Click the illustration to see it at full size.

If you’re wondering who the “Caruso” in the “Caruso can’t touch you” line is – it’s spoken by one of the people in the Mutual Appreciation Society building, in the lower-right hand corner, just above and to the left of Hotel Know-It-All – it’s Enrico Caruso, an opera tenor who became a star thanks tp his embrace of then-newfangled recording technology, namely the phonograph (a.k.a. gramophone).