There and Back Again: Returning to Toronto

View from island airport

I’ve been in Ottawa for the summer, getting immersed in my new company, Shopify, and taking advantage of its location to get a much-needed change of scenery. I’ve fit myself in nicely with the new job, things in general are going swimmingly and I’ve even managed to get in a fair bit of travel — for those of you who like to keep score: Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Seattle, New Orleans, Vancouver. It’s all been nothing but good for me.

I thought that I might have to stay in Ottawa a little longer, but between my being fully settled in at Shopify and my Ottawa apartment’s (The Swank Tank) being booked by somebody else for September 1st, I will be returning to Accordion City this weekend. I’ve enjoyed my time and had a lot of fun here, but it’s time to return and resume life at home.

Roy thomson hall and cn tower

I’ll continue as Shopify’s Platform Evangelist, but operating most of the time from Toronto. It makes sense for the company: it’s Canada’s economic capital, and there are a gazillion flights to cities in the U.S. (where the bulk of Shopify’s customers and potential customers are) from both its airports. I’ve got the home office, Hacklab and a couple of other spaces to work from, but my work style will be the one to which I’ve become accustomed: have laptop, will travel.

It’ll be good to be back — I’m looking forward to seeing you there!