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Seen on the Street: The Ethnic Show

Poster: "The Ethnic Show, featuring Mo Mandel (the Jew), Aron Kader (the Palestinian), Bret Ernst (the Italian), Ron Josol (the Filipino), Wil Sylvince (the Haitian)"

Here in incredibly multicultural Accordion City, where it’s okay to wear your ethnicity on your sleeve, you can do a poster for a comedy show like this.

I took this photo on Bloor Street near Christie yesterday afternoon.

The Current Situation

Wolfman, DDS

Comic panel: King Ahasuerus saw that Esther was indeed fair to behold, so he turned to his advisor and said 'Get me the name of that cute intern'."Purim is the Jewish holiday made for me. After all, it’s about Asian guys picking up cute Jewish girls, and drinking!

It’s also the Jewish holiday made for comedy writer Rob Kutner (he’s written for the Daily Show and Tonight Show), who writes the comedy sketches that the Shushan Channel perform at Purim for the annual Purim Party at the 92 Y Theatre in Tribeca. For the 2008 show, he wrote the parody Jewno:

And for the 2010 show, he’s cooked up Wolfman, DDS, a thriller featuring a dentist who starts “doing things no suburban Jewish professional would dream of”:

I can’t be in New York that weekend, but if you can make it, go check out the show!

Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Steve Martin Explores Accordion City

Here’s a gem that Torontoist found: an except from a 1974 travelogue featuring Steve Martin called The Funnier Side of Eastern Canada:

Younger readers may not be familiar with this incarnation of Steve Martin, who was then best known as a stand-up comedian specializing in absurdist routines. This is pre-Man with Two Brains, pre-The Jerk, pre-King Tut (“Buried with a donkey! / He’s my favourite honky!”), and even pre-“Crazy Czech brothers” Steve Martin improvising his way across the city – I’d love to see the rest of the film sometime.