If “Back to the Future” Was Made Today…

back to the futureClick the image to see it at full size.

This poster’s been making the rounds on the internet today. I found it here.

I saw Back to the Future in the theatre at the age of 17. I was 14 for most of 1982 (yeah, yeah, I’m old), so that was a formative time.

Here’s one of the big singles of that year:

Late Night with David Letterman debuted that year. Here’s Dave with one of his most difficult guests, Mr. T:

E. T.: The Extraterrestrial was the biggest movie of the year. Here’s the trailer, and yes, that’s how they did trailers back then:

Here’s the hot new computer of that time. I didn’t have one of these; I had an Apple ][:

commodore 64

And of course, Marty McFly wouldn’t play Johnny B. Goode at the high school dance; he’d play this song instead: