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Tell your kids this was Daft Punk

Happy halloween! Also, tell your kids that this was Daft Punk.

Curious about the glasses? They’re “louvered”-style glasses lined with electroluminscent (EL) wire, a phosphor-coated wire that glows blue-green when you apply an AC current to it. The trick to making EL wire glow in different colors is a simple one: you cover it in colored plastic.

We won an Amazon gift card at a recent local tech event and bought these EL wire rave glasses for a mere US$13. They’re powered by two AA batteries that connect to the glasses via a cable. The batteries are in a  pack that acts as a DC-to-AC transformer, as EL wire requires alternating current.

The glasses have three “on” modes:

  1. Continuously on
  2. Flashing on and off slowly
  3. Flashing on and off quickly, a.k.a. “Pokemon cartoon seizure mode”

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