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Hurricane Ian follies, part 7: Just use the unlubricated kind!

There are still a lot of prudes here in the Excited States, as evidenced by these headlines, listed in order of increasing inanity:

The reporter in question is Kyla Galer, a reporter from Fort Myers’ WBBH News, who used an old sound engineering trick to protect her microphone when reporting on Hurricane Ian’s progress.

A good microphone can be an expensive investment, and being electrical devices, they can be damaged by moisture. Many audio and video techs use condoms — the unlubricated kind, of course — to cover microphones, and wireless microphone transmitter packs to protect them from moisture at outdoor gigs, or even from sweaty musicians.

They come in several colors, too! Tap to view the source.

They’re much cheaper when you buy them loose and in bulk, which America’s Condom Superstore will gladly sell to you — a mere $15 will get you 50 of these condoms. Perfect if you’re using them to protect sound equipment, or just a cheap fucker.

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