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Sunday morning, August 7, 2022

Sunday’s my day to check the grounds before my daily 10K bike ride.

Aside from some weeding that I’ll need to do over the coming week, the front yard looked good, so I decided to take some photos.

Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligatorYou can’t go for a bike ride without a bike. After eight years of pretty regular riding — and near-daily riding since the start of the pandemic — my bike was beginning to show its age. It was getting to the point that it would be cheaper to replace than repair it.

The supply chain for new bikes is a bit thin at the moment, but the local Facebook marketplace had a decent-sized selection. Once I’d filtered out the bikes that people got at Walmart (the bikes are so-so, and they’re usually assembled by the associate who drew the short straw), there were a couple of good picks.

I ended up buying relatively gently-used bike pictured above. It had new brakes and tires, and I got it for less than $200 from someone who lived a few blocks away and rode regularly with my go-to bike repair guy, Jorge, whose business is named Bike Haus (which I highly recommend). It rides quite nicely.

I usually drop by the Seminole Heights branch of Spaddy’s — a coffee trailer with patio area — on weekends for a Cuban toast with cheese and a cold brew with condensed milk.

All in all, a nice morning.

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I’m in Seminole Height as well and have found a solid 10k track with minimal traffic and dedicated bike lanes that takes me down to Armature works. Would be down for a weekend ride sometime!

Impressive scenery. Thanks for the tour. I hike a 10-miler every week. Are there trails near you where I could do that?

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