Ron light, green light

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You may have already seen the triumphant tweet from Karol Markowicz, who’s shilling her article in the New York Post as well as Governor Ron DeSantis’ news release about Florida now having the lowest COVID-19 case rate.

She vaingloriously announces that it was achieved in this fashion:

“without vaccine mandates, without mask mandates in school & with no restrictions on businesses. Life simply went on.”

What Markowicz failed to mention is life did not go on for 60,000 Floridians. Author Chuck Wendig nailed it on the head with this response:

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“This orphanage, which already burned down, has the lowest case presently of burning orphans in the country. They did it without any anti-fire measures and no restrictions on flammable orphans. Life simply went on. After the fire already engulfed the orphanage and burned out.”

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