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Tampa Bay deal of the day: “Limited edition” life-size Spider-Man statue ($1,500)

To help promote the DVD release of the 2002 Spider-Man film (the one with Tobey Maguire as the titular character), Blockbuster commissioned a few thousand “limited edition” life-size statues for their stores. You can find a number of these status on eBay and various online reseller forums, and one’s just popped up in the Tampa Bay Facebook Marketplace — it’s selling for $1,500.

Here’s the copy from the posting on Facebook Marketplace:

Life-size Spiderman statue, Blockbuster Limited addition with base. Only 3200 made!
Has some damage to one foot and a few scrapes but other wise good condition.

Here’s a close-up of that foot damage:

Aside from that, it’s got the wear and tear you’d expect from a display at a once-busy store and twenty years’ passage of time.

As with any “collectible”, it has “certificates of authenticity” — they’re on the statue’s base:

Interested? Contact the seller on their Facebook Marketplace listing!

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