It Happened to Me Tampa Bay

Yesterday’s bike ride

We’ve undergoing a period of cooler temperatures here in Tampa — and by cooler, I mean 20°C / 70°F in the late afternoon — which made yesterday’s 10K bike ride (something I do five or six days a week, schedule and weather permitting) a very pleasant one. I took some photos while cycling through Riverbend and Seminole Heights.

Here are the Riverbend photos, which I took while following the Hillsborough River south towards Hillsborough Avenue:

It was then time to cross the river over the bridge, which offers this view when looking north…

…then veer north to Hanna, and then east to Lake Roberta, where 4 circuits of the lake makes one mile. I’d already done more than 10 kilometers after those circuits, so I decided to hang out with the ducks for a few minutes.

Gentle Reader, let me introduce you to Lake Roberta’s biggest a-hole, who makes Canada geese look relaxed in comparison:

He has a gang of followers:

This duck is happy just to have a chance to relax:

I grabbed some last-minute groceries and started heading home. Seminole Heights is one of those tree-lined neighborhoods with a lot of houses built from the 1920s through the 1950s, where college-educated families and craft breweries can be easily found. There’s a clearly-established voting preference here…

The owners of the nearby Corner Club — the neighborhood’s dive bar, karaoke joint, and after-work hangout for folks to work at the nearby TECO branch — recently sold the place, but at least it will remain a bar and not get turned into condos:

Now back to the signs…

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