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COVID-19 killed 60X the Americans that 9/11 did, and nearly 60% of Republicans find that number “acceptable”

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From YouGov:

A majority of registered Republican voters (57%) say the number of fatalities from coronavirus is acceptable, according to a CBS News/YouGov Poll released on Sunday. At the time the survey was fielded, there were 170,000 coronavirus fatalities and more than 5.5 million cases confirmed in the United States.

About seven in 10 Americans (69%) say the number of COVID-19 deaths in America is unacceptable — a sentiment reflected among Independents (69%) and Democrats (90%). About two in five Republicans (43%) say the fatalities are unacceptable.

64% — that’s almost two thirds — of Republicans surveyed believe that the number of fatalities is actually lower than what’s being reported. No wonder we’re repeating 1918’s mistakes.

Remember this when you vote.

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