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Election “fun” fact: Nobody wearing Hillary Clinton merch has ever given me a hard time for not being white

Photo: Red cap with the words “Peepee Poopoo” embroidered on it.

However, a Trump/MAGA cap? Twice:

  1. The parking lot at the Publix at Dale Mabry and South Village, sometime around September/October 2016: I’m getting groceries at our then-regular grocery store (this is when we lived in Carrollwood) when a MAGA-capped guy in truck with Trump stickers throws an empty beer can at me, missing by a mile. “Go back to where you came from,” he yells, to which I reply “Learn to throw like a man!” as I pull out my phone. He drives off.
  2. Charlotte Douglas International airport, October 2016: I’m traveling to my new job at the company formerly known as SMARTRAC, and a guy in line at Carolina Pit BBQ in a MAGA cap yells something I can’t quite hear at me. I walk toward him, asking in my best radio voice, “Would you mind repeating that?” As I close in, it become apparent that I’m a head taller — he bought into the stereotype that Asian men are meek and short — and he starts high-tailing it in the opposite direction, presumably towards his gate. He loses his place in line, I take it, and enjoy some barbecue.

This sort of courage/cowardice is consistent with a couple of contradictory mindsets:

  1. The fascist mindset that the enemy is both very strong and very weak at the same time.
  2. The fact that for all their apparent brazen behavior, at their core, bullies are craven cowards.

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