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Hey, Seminole Heights: Let’s show some local love for Whatever Pops and Bowls this week

Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligatorOn Monday night, someone decided to help themselves to the bike rack outside Whatever Pops and Bowls, the gourmet popsicle/gelato/acai bowl/coffee place on Florida, just a couple of blocks south of Hillsborough. In the process, they smashed one of their storefront windows.

Things are already tough for businesses during the pandemic, and the last thing Whatever Pops needs is an unexpected expense like this. Let’s all show them a little love, give them a little business, and pick up a popsicle, gelato, bowl, or coffee sometime this week.

In case you need a little tempting, here’s a list of their popular flavors:

  • banana coconut
  • chocolate sea salt
  • coconut lime
  • earl grey lavender lemonade
  • orange cream
  • pineapple banana veggie (no sugar added)
  • pineapple cilantro
  • salty chocolate elvis
  • strawberry lime
  • strawberry mango
  • strawberry pineapple pomegranate

In case you were curious, my favorite is the Salty Chocolate Elvis, which is also the name of my next band.

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