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Karen of the day: “I yield my time to the representative from Ventura County’s Crazytown”

Deborah Baber (right) and…is it Uday or Qusay? I never can tell which is which.

County Board of Supervisors meetings are dull, dreary, monotonous affairs most of the time, so let’s give a big hand to Deborah Baber for the completely bonkers “Vanilla ISIS/Yokel Haram/Branch Covidian” energy she brought to Ventura County’s meeting when given the floor to talk about her courageousness in not wearing a mask:

In case you needed a closer look at the middle school science fair-level posterboard she used as a visual aid for her rant, here’s a photo:

In spite of her moving performance, which I’m sure she sees in her mind as a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment, the Ventura City Council voted 4-3 in favor of requiring masks in public places.

For more, see Heavy’s article, Ventura County ‘Karen’ ID’d as Deborah Baber in Viral Video.

3 replies on “Karen of the day: “I yield my time to the representative from Ventura County’s Crazytown””

I’m sure she is equally ok with abolishing all other laws/covenants/rules about various clothing. *sigh*

Your author has Ventura County Mixed up with Ventura City.

Some of Babers stuff was flaky, but there were some good points too. Too bad she didn’t separate them better.

We have been told repeatedly that masks have more disadvantages than advantages and that social distancing, washing, cleaning and separating vulnerable people are the way to go. Now the “authorities” are doing a 180 on masks. Why?

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