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When faced down by racist manbaby Jay Snowden at a Black Lives Matter protest in Whitefish, Montana, Samantha Francine pushed up her sunglasses so she could stare right back at him, eye-to-eye, even as he loomed over her with clenched fist and threatening posture. But she did not back down.

Here’s a video of Snowden’s tirade:

According to the report from NBC Montana:

He uses several expletives, knocks signs out of protesters’ hands and yells at an apparent clergyman before police take him away. The crowd around him chants “peaceful!” continuously throughout the nearly 3-minute video.

The man who caught the encounter on video tells NBC Montana it was totally peaceful up until that moment. He says Snowden drove by and flipped off the crowd the night before also.

From the statement issued by the Whitefish police:

Protests over the death of George Floyd have been ongoing in Whitefish since Monday night. Crowds of approximately 60 to 70 individuals have been peacefully protesting adjacent to Whitefish City Hall and at 2nd and Spokane. During last night’s protest an individual became confrontational with the protestors and police intervened, removing the individual from the scene. The subject, Jay Snowden 51 of Whitefish, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct this morning after Whitefish Police consulted with the Whitefish city prosecutor. Snowden has an initial court date of June 17, 2020.


If the name “Whitefish, Montana” rings a bell, it’s because neo-nazi, mentor to Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, and professional speedbag Richard Spencer is at least a part-time resident. Here’s a Guardian article about it, and here’s a CNN report:

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