Watch Gatorland amusement park’s “School of Croc” on Mondays through Saturdays during the pandemic!

If you’ve got kids who need a little something different for their morning curriculum or if you just want to see what one of Florida’s best low-rent amusement parks is up to in these quarantined times, check out Gatorland’s “School of Croc” every Monday through Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.!

Gatorland is located in Orlando, and it’s the perfect down-home antidote to the better-known, larger, more corporate offering of Universal Studios and Disney. As its name implies, it’s a park with lots of reptiles: over 2,000 alligators and crocodiles (there’s a difference), along with other animals suited to Central Florida’s subtropical climate. I’ve been there, and it’s fun, as has Kevin Smith:

Tap the photo to see Kevin Smith at full “Silent Bob” size.

Gatorland may be deserted while tourists are staying at home and sitting out the pandemic, but they’re still paying their full- and part-time employees to take care of the animals and maintain the place. Better still, they’re providing a virtual experience through their Facebook page in the form of a regular show called School of Croc. Today marks their 40th episode. Not only can you watch it, but you can ask their reptile experts questions, too!

See School of Croc on Gatorland’s Facebook page.


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