One reason I live in Seminole Heights: It’s got character(s)!

Case in point: Corey Jurgensen, who’s often seen running about in her inflatable unicorn suit.

Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligatorFrom the Tampa Bay Times:

For nearly a month, Jurgensen has worn a 7-foot tall inflatable unicorn costume — white with rainbow hooves, tail and mane — and gone out into the streets to spread joy.

She walks. She runs. She prances. She dances. She pretends to graze on bushes and trees.

“People literally slow down as they drive by to take videos and pictures,” Jurgensen said. “I do it more for the adults than the kids. The adults are so stressed, worried about potentially losing their jobs and their kids being home. They need a laugh.”

I love this neighborhood.

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