Working my way through today’s checklist

Tap the photo to see it at full size.

It’s Monday, and I’m pushing ahead at full speed on the screened-in front porch office as I work my way through my to-do list. I do have an online checklist, but it’s not as satisfying to look at the version on my whiteboard.

I’m continuing to work on revising the book I co-wrote, iOS Apprentice, 8th Edition. I’ve got until the end of the week.

As you can see, I’ve obscured most of my checklist except for two items:

  • Posting a “Thank you, Lilypad and Fintech!” article on my tech blog Global Nerdy. It’s an overdue expression of gratitude to my former employer, Lilypad, and its parent company, Fintech.
  • Promoting Virtual Ignite Tampa Bay. Ignite Tampa Bay’s in-person event may be cancelled thanks to COVID-19, but theres no reason it can’t be done online. Join us as we present the best of Ignite Tampa Bay over the years, which includes this gem from Ignite Tampa Bay 2015:

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