Free plague films: “Hackers” (1995)

Still from the fim “Hackers” where the titular hackers are rollerblading through the streets of Manhattan

It’s silly, dated, and full of the kind of fakety-fake techno-cheese that were the trademark of “hacker” movies of the 1990s, but the 1995 film Hackers is still a guilty pleasure. I find myself willing to suspend my disbelief about their depiction of the tech scene of that era, the motivations of some of the characters, Penn Jillette as a pushover cybersecurity specialist, and the way the movie shows computers in general.

However, there’s one thing where my suspension of disbelief comes to a crashing halt: The way the film tries to portray rollerblading as cool.

It’s on YouTube — legally, even! — as part of YouTube Movies, and you can view it for free; you just have to put up with some ads:

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