My favorite conversation from the “Escape Winter Con” board game conference

Me, just after playing Lord of the Chords, a fun game where all that music theory I had to learn in Yamaha Organ School finally paid off!

I’d just finished playing the board game Lord of the Chords that my friend Ann was leading (and which Anitra won). Anitra was taking a “bio break”, Ann was off to another game, and I was walking down the hall when I overheard a request for music suggestions. Lord of the Chords is a game that leans heavily on music theory, so I was in the right frame of mind to help out.

Here’s the ensuing conversation:

Him: I need a classical music piece for the heroes coming in to save the day in my D&D campaign. Any ideas?

Me: How about the William Tell Overture?

Him: I don’t know that one.

Me: You know, the theme for The Lone Ranger?

Him: Before my time, old man.

Me: [Pointing at his Clockwork Orange t-shirt] Uh…the music from the sped-up threesome scene in Clockwork Orange?

Him: Oh, that song! Good one.

From now on, I’m referring to that piece as “the Clockwork Orange sped-up threesome scene song.”

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