Florida of the day: Disney security guard showed up to prostitution sting buck naked

Some customers like to get right down to business! Of the 100 people busted in the Polk County sting operation with the name “Operation Santa’s Naughty List,” only Rodney Davis, a (soon-to-be former) security guard at Walt Disney World, showed up completely naked.

The photo above is from video taken during the sting. There are excerpts of the video below, including this sad-larious exchange between Davis and the undercover detective at the scene:

Undercover detective posing as a prostitute, after greeting an already-naked Davis at the door: Come inside and get warm.

Davis: Oh, I’m warm. You the only one home?

Undercover detective (off-camera): Yeah.

The scene changes to the living room.

Undercover detective: Since you’re already naked, let’s get started. Do you have the money?

Davis (looking around): I do. There’s nobody hidden around the corner, like a cop or anything like that?

Undercover detective: Uh, no… (laughs nervously)

Content warning: Blurred-out large naked man, and discussion of services to be rendered.

It’s worth watching Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s press conference on the sting, just for his quips:

Here’s what he had to say about Davis:

“He didn’t have a stitch of clothes on, but he was carrying a shirt. I guess in case of emergency.”

One of the arrested johns was a pastor, to which he remarked:

“Jesus ain’t gonna be happy.”

And after remarking on a particularly shocking remark by a john, he took a dramatic pause, following it up with “That gives me pause.”

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