Tampa Bay deal of the day: Medical mannequins with possibly mismatched “privates”

Full photo of medical mannequin laid out on a table, with towel covering its genital area

If you can make your way to Lutz (a suburb directly north of Tampa), you can get your paws on two medical mannequins that have been “used by local school for nursing tech school training by med students.” The seller suggests that they might also make great Halloween decor.

Close-up of medical mannequin face, which shows its eyes shut and mouth half-open

My favorite part of the Facebook Marketplace ad in which they appear is the ending:

Some limbs or appendages may be detached or barely attached, privates may be mismatched according to gender. Fair condition.

They’re going for $75 each or $140 for the two of them. See the Facebook marketplace page for details.

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