Tampa Bay sale items of the week

MMA gym closing sale (negotiable prices)

There’s an MMA gym in Clearwater that’s closing, and they’re selling all sorts of stuff! The best items are two “BOB” punching dummies (one of them’s pictured above). Here’s how you use BOB:

Here are the full details of the sale, straight from their posting on Facebook Marketplace:

Dollamur mats, zebra mats, Muay Thai bags, head gear new and used, 20 different size heavy bags of various sizes. Rubber mats for gym floor. MMA shorts of various sizes all new. Multiple bag gloves as well as boxing gloves(used and new). Extra large and regular wave master, Bob the Dummies X2 in good shape, 1 set of medicine balls from 4 to 25 lbs. Dumbell and medicine ball racks also available. 20x 20 4 rope professional boxing ring is also for sale. We have many other items! Contact us either here on marketplace or ay gradysmma@yahoo for more pictures or information.

Once again, find out more here. There aren’t any prices mentioned, so be ready to negotiate!

Hammond Super CX-2000 organ ($3,000)

This is a late ’80s/early ’90s Hammond organ, and there’s isn’t much information online about this particular model. Luckily, there are a number of videos featuring this organ in action. Here’s a performance that’ll take you to the baseball or hockey game:

This one should remind you of the shopping mall in the late ’70s/early ’80s:

And here’s the Super CX-2000 in jazz mode:

If you’ve got “three large” burning a hole in your pocket and can pick it up from Oldsmar, contact the seller on Facebook.

Peach Crown Royal bag. Just the bag. I have no idea why. ($10)

I had no idea they made peach-flavored Crown Royal. I have no idea why someone would think that they could sell the bag it comes in for $10. I also have no idea who would part with $10 for one, and I know a lot of Dungeons and Dragons players.

Contact the seller on Faceboook; they’re in Lutz.

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