Today’s #Florida headline reminds me of my favorite dirty joke in 4th grade

The headline is Dog Pursuit Sends Naked Woman Across I-95 in Florida. Here’s the opener:

Richard Griffin of Titusville says he and his wife were driving north on I-95 in Flagler County Friday when they saw a man and a woman running across the road.

But as they got closer, they saw that the woman had no clothes on. Griffin says she was naked from head to toe, and trying to round up a dog.

As for the joke from 4th grade, it’s this one:

There was a woman who had two dogs, whom she named Seymour and Freeshow. One day, while taking a shower, she noticed through the bathroom window that she’d left the gate to her yard open, and the dogs were running away. Without stopping even to garb a towel, she ran out the house and after her dogs — completely naked — calling after them: “Freeshow! Seymour!”

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