I often have this frustrating conversation…

…and I usually end up helping them make that call, or making the call myself. Sometimes, just calling them — or even better, making an up-close-and-personal visit — is the best action.

One reply on “I often have this frustrating conversation…”

I had a boss once who had a catchphrase I admired:

Run to the truth.

This is as opposed to running from the truth. The idea was that bad news never gets better with age, and acknowledging it – and in particular, owning up to your own responsibility for it – yields vastly superior client-happiness (and self-respect) results than postponing the inevitable discovery and ensuring shitstorm.

I often coach my own team members in the same vein as the fella in yellow above. PICK UP THE PHONE AND HEAD MISUNDERSTANDINGS OFF AT THE PASS.

Thanks for sharing.

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