I have truly been accepted by my American in-laws

Photo: Joey deVilla and his Christmas 2018 present: an ammo box!

Click the photo to see it (and that super-festive background) at full size.

Never mind what side of the gun debate you’re on for just a moment — the important thing about this gift is that it’s proof that they have truly accepted me into the fold. And isn’t that the True Spirit of Christmas?

The gift reminds me of this Saturday Night Live skit:

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A friend of mine is interested i historical perfumes. There is a market for small vials of such perfumes sampled from old bottles of them and the like. Now that oak moss has been outlawed in the EU and so many perfumes discontinued, this is the only way to get a sniff of Chanel No. 5 or Bandit as they were originally released. (Perfumes hold their scent a long time in a sealed bottle.) I made up a collection for her along with a book on the history of perfume. I had all these little sample vials and wanted a way to package them as a gift. I wound up using an ammo box. Each vial fit nicely in a bullet slot. Since I don’t hunt or shoot, this was probably the only time I investigated the ammo box market and actually bought one.

If you don’t plan to take up shooting or hunting, consider perfume sample collecting.

I used an ammo box as a lunchbox for years when I was delivering mail. Gave it up after that spate of post office shootings by disgruntled employees. Thought it might make people nervous.

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