If you’re going to be a callous jackhole on Facebook, the least you can do is use proper grammar

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I checked, and yes, it was posted by a real person (unsurprisingly, in Hillbilly Elegy country) and not a bot. A look through that person’s profile suggests that even for U.S. citizens, there’d be a significant number for whom he wouldn’t shed a tear if they were killed overseas. Their posts aren’t “we want a seperate white ethnostate” extreme, but they are along the line of “Alex Jones / Prager U” crazy.

The Facebook poster isn’t the only one pushing the “not a citizen” message to downplay the tragedy. Unsurprisingly again, so is Trump.

The Boston Globe does a good job explaining why we should care about the Khashoggi case:

Finding out the truth about the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul and responding to it properly might seem to have little to do with the average American. Here’s why one diplomatic expert says the situation matters a lot.

Khashoggi was a legal permanent resident of the United States, Nicholas Burns said. “He’s a green card holder. He’s like lots of our relatives who first came to America who were in transition to become a citizen,” Burns said.

“We have an obligation to every American citizen, and we certainly have an obligation to green card holders to protect and defend them,” said Burns, a former career diplomat who worked in Democratic and Republican administrations.

As a green card holder married to a U.S. citizen, I have to wonder: how many people think the same way of me? I also have to ask a question that I asked in friendlier times: Will Americans ever consider me to be one of them?

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