Safe and sound

The images from the Florida panhandle are coming in, and they’re frightening. Hurricane Michael is now a category 4 storm (meaning winds in excess of 150 mph / 250 km/h) and it could be devastating. To my friends in those parts, stay safe!

I’ve had friends and family checking in on me, and this part is for their benefit. I’m in Tampa, a good distance away from the storm, and all we’ve got are clouds and some wind. Here’s a photo of me just outside the office:

We’re probably going to get some rain — it hasn’t fallen here yet — and some gusts of wind, but it shouldn’t get any worse than that in the Tampa area.

I plan to stay indoors, but this is Florida, and I know that there’s at least one guy who’ll probably head right into the storm zone, put on some Slayer, and headbang against the hurricane:

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