Everything you need to know about the #TreasonSummit, captured in a single photo

I flipped the image horizontally so that it reads better from left to right. Here’s the original:

One reply on “Everything you need to know about the #TreasonSummit, captured in a single photo”

Yep, Donald Trump is a treasoneer of the highest order, yep, yep, yep. His alleged birth certificate says he was born in the USA but between you, me and CNN we all know that he is a sleeper spy inserted into his cover family with his treason programming activated by the term “White Russian”. He would like us to think that he went to church to listen to Norman Vincent Peale at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhatten when it is obvious he went to Manhatten to study Hegelian dialectic in the back of the church kitchen.. I mean it is SOOO obvious.
The People’s Cube website writes Donald Trump lyrics for gosh sakes!

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