Bundle up, central Florida!

If you’ve come down to central Florida for a break from winter — perhaps you’re in Disney World or visiting friends or relatives — you might be surprised when you step out this morning and feel a little chilly. That’s because it’s one of those precious few days when the temperature goes below freezing and the locals actually stop wearing flip-flops.

In fact, this morning’s temperature — -2°C / 28°F — is a record low. It hasn’t been this cold here since 1981. It’ll probably feel a little colder than that, thanks to wind and humidity.

Here in Tampa, we’re a little north of iguana territory, so we’re not likely to see them falling from trees due to the cold, but the peacocks that roam our neighborhood will probably be in hiding today.

What we’re more likely to see are t-shirts like this in a couple of weeks:

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