In honor of MLK Day 2018

Timely words from Dr. King:

“When evil men plot good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.”

In the age of the president trying to keep people from “shithole” (or “shithouse”) countries out, asking Americans of Asian descent where they’re really from, being soft on white nationalism, and still somehow claiming to the be the least racist person he knows with a straight face, what Martin Luther King said applies more than ever.

“Orange Julius Caesar” is taking MLK Day — like so many other days — off to golf. As for me, I’m at the office, running with an idea put forth by Canadian poet Dennis Lee* in his poem Civil Elegies and paraphrased by Scottish writer Alasdair Gray:

“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.”

* If you went to elementary school in Canada, you might be familiar with one of Dennis Lee’s poems, Alligator Pie. If you’re from outside Canada but are into ’80s pop culture, you might be familiar with these works of Lee’s: he wrote the lyrics for the Fraggle Rock theme and co-wrote the story for the movie Labyrinth.

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