That one New Year’s Eve when I was totally forbidden fruit

A friend of mine posted a linked to Bored Panda’s article, Maps Reveals Europe’s Most Racist Countries, And You Won’t Like It, which color-codes European countries based on how their people would feel if their children dated a black person, a Muslim, a Jew, or…a me!

I decided to take a look at the map for the question “Would you feel comfortable if your of your children was in a relationship with an Asian person?”, and wouldn’t you know it, I was totally taboo-ing it up a couple of hours outside Prague at André Fenton’s “Millennipalooza” party on December 31, 1999 / January 1, 2000:

Click to see the miscegenation map at full size.

I guess that like Hasan Minhaj, I’m the cure for racism.

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