Scenes from our vacation, part 5: Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company

Walking around South Beach and looking at Art Deco architecture is hungry- and thirsty-making work, so our next stop was Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company for lunch, located at the corner of 20th Street and Liberty Avenue. They’ve taken the kitchen of a bistro, the soul of a craft bar, and the vibe of your favorite dive bar, and brought them into a single place.

Sweet Liberty has a beautifully well-stocked bar…

…and a fantastic selection of drinks, from cocktails…

…to a selection of those classic beer-and-shot-o’-booze combos known as Boilermakers…

…to these gems, including all-you-can-drink rosé, which seems to be a popular thing in Miami:

We started off with some chicharrones (fried pork rinds), which were delicious…

…and I had the smoked duck eggs benedict, which was made with sous vide eggs, smoked duck breast, sautéed greens, roasted tomatoes, and hollandaise, all laid on top of potato cakes:

We had a few lovely drinks:

This one’s the Beast of Bourbon…

…and here’s what’s in it:

(In case you’re wondering, “Ango” is hipster bar-speak for Angostura bitters.)

Paintings of Elvis on black velvet are clichéd at this point, so it was refreshing to see a black velvet painting of Kenny instead:

And we had to pose beside their chalkboard of wisdom:

This was a great place to have brunch. The food and drinks were excellent, the staff were charming, friendly, and helpful, and the all-round vibe of the place was fun. If you’re in Miami Beach and looking for a great meal and some cocktails to go along with it, add Sweet Liberty to your list!

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