This is ALMOST the perfect Florida truck accessory

Click the photo to see it at full size.

Once you’ve equipped your truck with extra roll bar lights and winch, and need extra power plugs to charge your phone and your vape device (a.k.a. “mouth mullet”), you could with a basic vanilla set of switches, but where would be the fun in that? If you’ve asked yourself this very question, here’s the answer: the Iztoss blue led 3 gang rocker switch panel with power socket, available right now at Amazon for $26.99.

Click the photo to see it at full size.

I’m pretty sure that the market research on this product was limited to a gut check and maybe a show of hands at a bar, but I can see this thing selling reasonably well. I can also imagine the guy in the Chinese factory taking a look at the purchase order to produce these things, “Damn, Americans are weird, man,” but shrugging his shoulders and assigning the lines to manufacture these panels.

This panel needs a single change to make it truly “Florida” — “Sasquatch” needs to be changed to the local term for “Bigfoot”: “Skunk Ape”:

I may have to get one of these for my Rogue. It doesn’t have a winch, but maybe I could use the “Wench Power” switch to open a special trunk containing a ready-to-deploy accordion.

Thanks to Becca Collins for the find!

One reply on “This is ALMOST the perfect Florida truck accessory”

Whoa! “Skunk-Ape” is a quasi-real thing, at least in Florida? Huh.

I only knew Skunk-Ape as the name of the super-villain in Scott Phillips’ goofy short film SCIENCE BASTARD (2002). Great funny stuff; the hero, Science Bastard, gets his superpowers by lobotomizing himself with a power drill. Twice. There was a sequel, and a DVD, in 2005, but it sadly doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

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