The news these days may be evidence that we’re all living in a computer simulation

This was actually broadcast earlier today in response to White House Press Secretary / village idiot Sean Spicer’s statement that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons.

There are physics and philosophical arguments pointing to why we might be living in some kind of simulation, but let me present the gamer’s argument.

Have you ever hit that point in a game when you’re not getting anywhere, and in a fit of boredom, do something that causes all sorts of mayhem and destruction in that game’s world? I’ve done this in Grand Theft Auto, by unleashing hell in the busiest part of the city with a grenade launcher or starting a firefight inside a police station or military base. There are enough people who do this with The Sims that there are online guides and articles for this sort of thing.

Looking at the news, you could argue that the people running our simulation got bored and said “Hey, let’s turn some of the controls for crazy up to maximum and see what happens.”

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