FOX News low-bar graphic of the day

Chart shown by Tucker Carlson (of course) on FOX News.
Graphic found via Ally Maynard (@MissMayn). Click to see at full size.

Pictured above is a chart comparing White House Chief Strategist/Chief White Nationalist Steve Bannon and ISIS/ISIL/Daesh leader and all-around a-hole Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It was used as a talking point on FOX News (of course) by Tucker Carlson (double of course), the guy who pretty much established that men under 50 who wear bow ties are dicks.

The “really-low-bar comparison” is a debating trick that you should remember from high school (and should probably be left there). You could easily substitute Bannon with just about anyone — even someone who plays that most disreputable of instruments:

Photoshoppery by Yours Truly. Click to see at full size.

Ally Maynard took the Photoshoppery in the opposite direction and replaced the right-hand column with an even bigger villain:

Photoshoppery by Ally Maynard (@MissMayn). Click to see at full size.

Thanks to Ally Maynard for the find!

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