What Florida’s criminal masterminds are wearing: A drawn-on beard, a trash bag and bucket, and a tutu

A drawn-on beard


You may think that a drawn-on beard would be an ineffective disguise for a robbery, but it worked well enough to fool the witnesses at a gas station robbery in Pasco County, the epicenter of Florida weirdness. The initial reports said that the robber (pictured above in a still photo taken from security camera footage) was a man, but the search has since expanded the search to include men and women.

A trash bag and bucket


Meanwhile, in Miami, a thief who broke into a religious store to steal some expensive pigeons (wait, what?) wore a trash bag as a makeshift poncho and a bucket on his head, presumably as a disguise. “The way he took the pigeons was very rough,” said one of the store’s owners, and the handling got rougher. While climbing over the fence around the store to make his escape, he tumbled, cage in hand, to the ground.

A tutu


A short bike ride from my home, at the farmer’s market on Fletcher Avenue, a tutu-clad thief broke in and proceeded to enjoy some fruit and soft drinks. The police description of the suspect reads “white male, thin build, possibly dressed in a cheerleading costume, wearing a TuTu [sic], possibly wearing a wig.”


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