The New York Times’ sexist, insulting article about “Mom Hair”

Last year, the New York Times seemed to be in love with the “Dad Bod”, the “softly round”, slight out-of-shape physique that men get when they settle down and have kids:

nyt of dad bod

They’re not as generous with “Mom Hair”, which is also a byproduct of settling down and bearing kids:

nyt on mom hair

I think New York magazine hit the nail on the head with this observation in an article titled New Moms Personally Offend New York Times by Getting Unflattering Haircuts:

They may not have any mandated parental leave, and they’re probably not sleeping more than a few hours a night, but that shouldn’t get in the way of them thinking about their perfect post-partum hairstyle.

What shall we call what the New York Times did? Momsplaining? Momshaming? Or just plain stupid, bad, and lazy writing?

I’ll close with this tweet by Heather Havrilesky:

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