What fish would a pesca-pescatarian eat (and not eat)?

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Now that he’s Pied Piper’s chief evangelist, Erlich Bachman is my spirit animal.

In the most recent episode of Silicon Valley (season 3, episode 8, titled Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride), there are a couple of scenes that feature the made-up dietary restriction “pesca-pescatarian”, which is someone who eats only fish that eat other fish:

It’s a cute little evangelism trick — doing something that’s offbeat enough that no one else will do it, but palatable enough that once they see you doing it, people will want to follow suit. It works in the episode, and from experience, I can attest that it also works in real life.

The “pesca-pescatarian” bit got me wondering: which fish would be on the pesca-pescatarian menu? Aside from really tiny fish, clams, and oysters, what fish would a pesca-pescatarian not eat?

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Sharks are fish, not mammals and I assume they eat most of the largest fish, such as bluefin tuna, so I feel it may not actually be that restrictive.

So chinook salmon and most others are OK, but not sockeye. Cod, trout, red snapper, and tuna eat other fish. My guess is that most fish eat other fish, especially once they get big enough to do so. Granted, they SAY that sockeye don’t, but I have my doubts.

just want to point out the higher up the marine food chain you go the more mercury you eat – better to eat fish that DON’T eat other fish.

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