Sign of the day: “Totally failed at life? Then why not blame a foreigner?”

blame a foreigner poster

Posters like this have been seen in the UK in the past couple of months. I’m pretty not sure what the URGOV logo near the lower right of the poster’s photo stands for — it looks like a modified logo for UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. They’re a horrible lot; the British equivalent of the “alt right”.

Here’s a more direct image of the poster, with the UKIP logo modified to feature the BNP, the British National Party, another terrible bunch:

blame a foreigner poster 2

One reply on “Sign of the day: “Totally failed at life? Then why not blame a foreigner?””

URGOV is a modified version of the UKIP logo meaning “your government”. Our sort of humour over here. We’re all a bit pi$$ed off by right wing austerity policies and blatant bloody racism creeping back into our lives when it’s taken generations to get rid of all hat shyte.

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