Love in the time of xenophobia

love in the time of xenophobia

Identities have been obscured because even people with terrible ideas deserve privacy.

The above is an actual conversation that took place on a Facebook page for Alberta separatists. For those of you who aren’t from Canada, Alberta is Canada’s most Texas-like province, not just with the cowboys, oil, and neoconservatism, but also hockey, high tech, and pockets of Austin-like enlightenment. There’s always been a small, loud, and white group of disgruntled Albertans who’d love to ditch the rest of Canada and become its own caliphate, and two of them (the lady is the gold character in the conversation, the gentleman’s the blue character, the green character is some other person) look like they’re about to start something magical — and as the gentleman phrased it, “Hetero, lol!”.

Xenophobes, as this shows, are just like the rest of us.

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