Florida of the Day: Port St. Lucie’s misspelled street names — Cresent, Granduer, and Aubudon Avenues — are finally getting fixed

port st. lucie - cresent ave sign

definitely floridaYou might do a double-take when you see these street signs in Port St. Lucie, Florida, which is somewhat fittingly named for the patron saint of people with vision problems. There’s a block in this town where the street signs have had misspelled names for years: Cresent (instead of Crescent) Avenue, Granduer (instead of Grandeur) Avenue, and Aubudon (instead of Audubon, as in the bird guy) Avenue.

port st. lucie - granduer ave sign

When an uninhabited tract of land became incorporated as Port St. Lucie in the 1950s, the newly-formed city hired a guy to hand-paint its signs. A combination of what passed for education in the area, his “enjoying a few beverages” during his lunch break, and the Florida Effect led to the initial hilariously wrong spellings on the street signs, and “Not My Job Syndrome” likely led the signmakers after him to repeat his errors.

port st. lucie - aubudon ave sign

The signs are finally getting corrected, and West Palm Beach-based WPTV has the details.

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