stranger in a strange landAlso worth reading: The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad.

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Freedom is founded upon individual liberty and totalitarianism is founded upon the restriction of all liberties to the lowest common denominator.

If a person doesn’t support one of the Bills of Rights, then they don’t support any of the Bills of Rights. They are an interlocking framework for liberty and national security upheld by individuals.

First of all the facts are totally distorted by the gulper at the link *Also worth reading: The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad.

The Bills of Rights are being destroyed to remold the United States into another kind of nation. Fundamentally, the failure to accept personal responsibility for civic duty, and which is clearly prescribed in the second amendment, is the very reason that the nation is now so corrupted with corporate organized crime, and which has now successfully transferred control over civil authority by the electoral process, where in you elect your sheriff, whom was the supreme law man in your county, to the oversight and control of the department of homeland security. Effectively creating an illegal and unconstitutional national police force. This is specifically dangerous since all totalitarian systems must have centralized control over the military and the police.

Have we learned nothing in the last 100 years? This is what the communists did, this is what the nazi’s did, and now it’s what the Republicans and Democrats have done.

Crying about people shooting each other here at home in America when our proxy slave armies are conducting mass murder across the globe? Seriously?

The only reason this nation is in the hands of organized criminals, aka banksters, business associations, and political quislings is because the people don’t know what the history of their own is any longer, nor even can appreciate that if their own kids were in a compulsory service at the local level, under local control and jurisdiction as the real military in local militia, because that’s the intent of that right, then there wouldn’t be a seven million man army with it’s boots on the necks of people elsewhere, and there wouldn’t be police shooting people with no one to answer to, and there wouldn’t be massive corruption from the dog catcher up to the forbidden secret black budget that’s sucking up half the tax dollars.

I hope you think carefully about this. Freedom is a matter of individual liberty. Mass media owned by six people is doing every those six billionaires can to destroy it, after all, they want to be the new royalty.

Whom is so silly to think for one second that any of these super rich will not be surrounded by armed guards, or any of the now self proclaimed law makers, the ones whom the ever helpful media now no longer bother to even call them by their lawfully entitled names as our representatives. See, they are brain washing and have been. Now they are our law makers? Oh hell no, not while we have the means to object to that, but if you give up that, then expect what the people of Russia got, or China, or Cambodia, or Germany, because that is what you will get.

Lastly, and most Americans don’t know this, but legally the Bill of Rights are integral to the foundation of law in America, because the Constitution proper was refused by the voting citizens repeatedly until James Madison took the Virginia Bills of Rights and added them to the Constitution. That’s why they are called Amendments.

What this means legally then is that the Constitution is a contract which every state agreed to and they did so with the Bills of Rights as a part of that contract. It cannot be broken or amended in any way. To advocate it is Sedition, and to try it is High Treason. Treason is an act of War upon the government, and we the people are the said government. Those Ten Bills of Rights are the supreme laws of the people. They aren’t the laws of the government. They are prohibitions on government power and excess.

So hopefully you see that there is a direct relationship between attacking the private ownership of military grade weapons, as that is what Americans are supposed to own because they are supposed to be citizen soldiers first, and starbucks wetpants in their off time second. That way we don’t have the threat of the military being used against us, like they have been every single time people were dumbed down enough to disarm. That way we have responsible trained youth, who are involved in the community and whom learn to become adults under the guidance and leadership of an elect at the local level.


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