Florida of the Day follow-up: Naked high guy’s story gets a little more Florida

jacksonville high guy

Two follow-ups to yesterday’s article, Naked no-name molly-dropping model home-ruining Florida Man!:

1. With Facebook’s help, Jacksonville Police ID’d him in an hour

He didn’t have any ID on him, and gave a number of names when asked — Chance, Cecil, Randolph, and Three — so the police posted his photo and asked for the public’s help in identifying him. They got his name within an hour:

jacksonville police facebook request

2. It turns out that “damaged the property” was indeed a euphemism

The initial report kept things a little vague by simply stating that he “damaged the property” of the model home he broke into. It turns out that he peed into one of the bathtubs, which by Florida Man standards, and considering that he was trippin’ on ten hits of Molly, is pretty tame.

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