I’m no naval expert, but…

china may be using sea to hide submarines

…I’m pretty sure that’s one of the key concepts behind submarines.

Need more context?

Check out this article: China’s wish to hide submarines may be behind sea expansion.

china hiding submarines

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My family still tells the story of when I was quite young, and we got into the elevator at one of our local malls. A couple of ladies were discussing flavours of ice cream. One of them says something like,

“Oh yes, my husband loves that one so much! I have to hide it in the freezer!”

And given my overdeveloped sense of sarcasm and underdeveloped sense of tact at the time, I naturally (and loudly) retort,

“Well I’d NEVER think to look THERE.”

Dead silence. My parents quickly ushered me out of the elevator at the next stop, trying desperately not to laugh.

I was on a nuclear submarine in the 60’s and we used to hide underwater. I also know for a fact every country hat had submarines used to hide them underwater…. I am surprised though that the Chinese let this top secret news out though.

news paper saying: ” CHINA MAY BE USING SEA TO HIDE IT’S SUBMARINES ” I just got one thing to add. This title was accepted by an editor, i figure he must have had a universaty degree to come to this awsome conclusion. That or he cheated.

Following on from the previous comment from someone who clearly thinks the same way I do; where the bloody hell would you expect them to put their submarines? They’re hardly going to drive through the centre of Beijing.

@Adrian. Well if the lady has a real big freezer and a lot of frozen food she actually can hide the Ice cream behind all the other food. It depends of course if her husband bother to empty the freezer completely to find the ice cream or just have a quick look. Parked submarines in a harbor can be seen by satellite, but not when they are moving they cant be seen from satellite. But most US Submarines are also constantly on the move, of course they have to come up to exchange crew and service the engines some when but you will never see all of them.

Well Adrian, she meant she had to hide the ice cream under some other food product in the fridge.
But given two options to interpret a sentence, you went with the patronizing hollier-than-thou option, and that tells us volumes about you.

This seems rather blunt. Using the sea to hide subs?? Come on Man! The Journalism Department at the online branch of Watusi Tech University must be proud.
I think that “China is using expanded naval excercises while masking sub activities” would be more descriptive. And no, I do not possess one of those journalism degrees from WTU.

Well I never to all who can’t grasp the fact that Adrian was a Child Ie young possibly even as old as 5/6 who can ask silly/stupid questions & give the same sort of answers TRY & actually read what he has written . Main points. Child. Parents story try & fill in the gaps before retorting.

Maybe after all these leaks the chinese navy tries to hide their submarinesin the freezer in case kim-jong-un isn’t aready there.

I’m more interested in why the Japanese persist in whaling in the Southern Ocean. Anyone who wasn’t alive at the time should study how they operated and hid a flotilla of submarines off the eastern coast of Australia during the Pacific war, attacking 40 merchant ships and costing 600 Allied lives while hiding in ocean thermoclines mapped during the 1930s. They got close enough to lay a minefield 10 kms off the entrance of Moreton Bay near Caloundra. What are we doing considering them for builders of our new submarines? Have our leaders never heard of theTrojan Horse?

Stupid Chinese! WE keep our submarines in the forests! NOBODY would think to look for them THERE… wink emoticon

Thank god we hang them on the wall when we aren’t using them. And don’t tell anybody about the high speed underwater drones we’re replacing them with…

Before we know it the ‘Mericans will hide their submarines under the sea in retaliation; then the Ruskis and the Brits, French, Japs, perhaps even the Aussies. Who knows where it will end up.

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