The truth about political correctness

3-panel cartoon. Panel 1 - Man: 'I'm so sick of 'political correctness'.' Panel 2 - Woman: 'Okay, try it without the 'political correctness', then.' Panel 3 - Man: 'I'm so sick of not being able to insult and belittle women and minorities.'

Cartoon by Tom Toles for the Washington Post. Click to see the source.

One reply on “The truth about political correctness”

It’s not “insulting and belittling” women and minorities. It’s getting fired for not being politically correct. It’s what happened to Jordan Peterson. It’s being SILENCED. Lauren Southern was attacked for just reporting on political correctness by those who preach it. Oh, but if a woman is attacked and she doesn’t agree with your views, that’s okay. Right? The hypocrisy.

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